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Administrator / Treasurer                                             Ann Henry
Fundraiser Coordinator                                                Kristi Asher
Parent Rep                                                                   Lori Vazquez
Player Rep                                                                    Leanna Henry
Board Member & 18u Coach                                        Jason Henry
Board Member & 18u Coach                                        Kurt Helfant
Board Member & 13u Coach                                        Mike Hall
Board Member & 12u Coach                                        Larry White
Board Member & 10u Coach                                        Kerry Maher

"One Step Closer"
By: Ricki Asher

As I step onto the mound, I feel a rush through my body.
I'm nervous, yet calm.
My heart is pounding, but in a good way!
I look behind me,
Everyone in their positions.
I see the sparkle of the morning dew.
I turn back around,
Take a deep breath,
I pitch!
As hard as I can, with all my might!
But still,
It doesn't seem to go that fast.
But I don't take that as a failure.
For success is a journey.
And I have become

-Ricki Asher

Staying Focused & Doing Things Right!!
10 Things that Make the Softball Gods Happy 
October 2, 2007 -- 

10. Offering to let the other team call the toss. 

09. Players or coaches that applaud nice plays by players on the other team. 

08. Teams that leave their dugout cleaner, for the next team, than they found it. 

07. Coaches that say, "good call" to an umpire on a close call that went against them. 

06. Catchers that go out of their way to pick a bat up for the girl that just fouled it off. 

05. Coaches/players or parents that go up to a tournament director and say good things about umpires, especially after a loss. 

04. Players that offer their time to help coach or work with a younger teams or players. 

03. Players that sprint as fast as they can on a routine pop-up. (Instead of feeling sorry for themselves and pouting as they jog half speed to first) 

02. Players and coaches that are willing to take the blame when something goes wrong instead of always having to point fingers. 

01. Players that cheer for their teammates when they are role, or bench players. (These kids will be successful in life!) It is hard to not feel sorry for yourself, but from what I have seen the kids that handle this well will be WINNERS! 
Five things coaches don't want to hear

Do you want to be the type of player coaches want on their team? Coaches want more than just physical skill; they want personalities conducive to a team environment. 
Below are five attitudes to avoid during your softball career. If you notice you're guilty of any of them, now is the time to make adjustments so you can make a more positive impact on your team and your coach. 

"I can't" 

The "I can't" attitude gets old very fast. If you insist that you "can't" do something, why should your coach keep you on the team? Keep in mind the body does what the mind tells it to. So if you say to yourself, "I can't do this," how is your body ever going to follow through on the things you want it to? 

"I forgot" 

I am baffled by how often players say, "I forgot my shoes" or "I forgot my socks." Be responsible. You know when practices and games are scheduled. It's not as if these events are sprung on you at the last minute. Be prepared. 

Don't just rely on your parents to make sure you have everything you need. This is not their team, this is not their practice and this is not their softball season. It's yours. 

Too much talk 

When your coach is talking, your focus needs to be on your coach. It is very rude and disrespectful -- not only to your coach, but to your entire team -- if you talk while your coach is talking. You may be wondering why the coach repeats the same thing over and over, but if you're paying attention and the coach knows his/her message is getting through, then they may not need to go over things again and again.