Aliyah Hiram #2


Video Notes: No Video linked

Personal Profile    

Things I like to do: Any sport

Favorite PlayerCat Osterman

Favorite TeamOSU

Favorite Movie: The Notebook

Three People I'd invite to dinner: My mother, father, and sister.

Favorite Quote: "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

Favorite Book: The Truth About Forever

Academic Profile

SchoolLondon High School
GPA3.7 (Date last updated)

Athletic Profile
Other sports I playSoftball, Basketball, Volleyball

The number of years I have played fastpitch softball: 9
BatsRight/ Left
Slaps Left

Awards: Archie Griffin Award, Tri-Red Award (3 sports in school)

Team History:
Crush 1 year, Venom 2 years