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2013 ASA Insurance

posted Jan 4, 2013, 10:09 AM by Venom Ohtwo   [ updated Jan 4, 2013, 10:09 AM ]
/From Ann Henry on 12/28/2012

I am copying all of the information I recieved from Warren and Esther Jones on how to register you teams for insurance and sanctioning this year.  Please read through this and let me know if you have any questions.  We figured it would be easier to allow each of you to complete your own information this year.  ** Also please do not forget to include your coaches and that at least one coach must have a current ACE Certification... would recommend at least two coaches however if one cannot be at a tournament.

ASA Youth Team Registration                                                
We would be more than glad to help you and appreciate your efforts to registered your team withOhio ASA on  
New for 2013
-Credit card payment is available by calling us with info.  Keep in mind there will be a convenience charge of $5 per $100.  Mailing a check or money order is always an option.
- Your team/players roster and insurance will not be emailed until payment has been received.
- $0 deductible is no longer available.  It has been replaced with $125 deductible.  $250 deductible is still also available for teams. 
Things to know for 2013 
- Season (year) runs from Jan 1, 2013 to Dec 31, 2013. 
- Rates for (Individual) Teams remain the same. Travel $13/person   Rec/league $11/person   
- Rates for ACE certification $25-$20 after 1st yr  & Background check $10 - still the same. 
- Individual Team registration includes Insurance & ASA sanction. 
- One coach min (others opt) should be included with players for insurance.
- Invoice includes shipping $4.95 for each invoice created.   
- Teams can edit/update last year’s roster by removing or adding new players to team.  See “Returning User” instructions.
- Don’t remember your username & password or not sure you have one?  DO NOT create a new profile, email and we will create and reply with a new one.  Keep it for use each yr.  Additional profiles can cause problems for you later.
- If you are a returning team (even if name changed), but are a new team admin, email & we can arrange for you to use “Returning User” instructions for easier entry of your team.
- Check for tournaments and other info.
- Worth softballs for sale $48/dozen – Contact Warren Jones
- Coaching Clinic Sep 7-8, 2013 Reynoldsburg, OH - $175 early bird registration – info will be on website 
- Contact us for best way to enter your players. We can make it easier by uploading from your excel spreadsheet with first name, last name, address & DOB. 
Returning User to – Sign on with username & password. 
If you were not the team admin last year, email us to make your team info available.
~Click on Team name in blue at bottom of homeplate page.
~ On “Information” tab Select “Add Team to New Season” Be sure 2013 year shows & click “Add Team to New Season”.  Verify info is correct or make changes as needed.  Scroll to bottom hit Save.  (If “grayed areas” need to be changed you will need to Create a New Team by following “First Time User” instructions.)  
~ Click “Team Members” tab and edit team.  To remove players, check box on left and click Remove (blue tab above).  To add new players, click Add Member (blue tab above) and enter player info.  Once all players are added/removed, Save/Submit.
~ Preview Invoice and Create Invoice.
~ Print & mail copy of invoice with payment to Warren Jones, 810 Twp Rd 1504, Ashland, OH 44805  (Call if paying by credit card.) 
~ We will approve, and email back roster and proof of insurance after payment is received.  Sanction card, rulebook and scorebook will either come from your district commissioner or state office. 
First Time User to  How to register your ASA team - Create (your personal) profile. Use given name (no nicknames).  Be sure you click box for team admin and coach. Every team needs an admin to allow you to enter your team.  Every team needs at least one coach to be entered with team.
~ Click “Add Team” in blue.  Fill in all info requested with red *.   You should pick JO.  “Registration option” is your insurance deductible. (Example for class A team $250 deductible without photo - pick “travel team 250 non photo”.  Cost is $13 per player and coach.)  Every team needs to insure at least one coach – more coaches are optional.  
~ Click Add Team at bottom left then click Add Member.  
~ Under Individuals, fill in only first line – first and last name (no nicknames), zip and DOB.  Submit  
~ Then you will either click “select” and click box for player (or coach), verify info already there, then at bottom, pick gender  OR click player/coach box, add missing info, & gender. (Do Not enter player phone or email.)  Fill in all info requested with red *.  Click Add to Team and Add Another Member.
~ Repeat till all players and coaches are entered.  (You may stop at any time – after signing back in click team name in blue at bottom of homeplate page, click Add Member.)  After last person entered, click Add to Team (bottom left). 
~ Submit and Preview Invoice (top right) then Create invoice.
~ Print invoice and mail with payment to Warren Jones, 810 Twp Rd 1504, Ashland, OH 44805. (Call if paying by credit card.)  
~ We will approve, and email back roster and proof of insurance after payment is received.  Sanction card, rulebook and scorebook will either come from your district commissioner or state office. 
ACE and background check are required each year. Each coach will need to get a profile, username & password if they don’t already have one.  Every team is required to have one coach (minimum) ACE certified (one level per year) (includes background check). Level 1 cost is $25, level 2, 3 & 4 is $20 and will be paid by credit card on line at   
For ACE certification (& background ck), Go into with your username and password.  The first page that comes up (HomePlate) is where you will click “purchase” on first line & enter requested info & pay by credit card.  Background check portion may take a couple hrs or couple days, but will need to “clear” before you go back in to take the ACE test.   
Background check is required for every coach or adult every year that is in the dugout. Cost is $10 paid by credit card on line at  For background check only will click “purchase” on second line on HomePlate, enter requested info & pay by credit card $10.  (DO NOT use this option if you are taking ACE test.) 
If you have any problems or questions along the way… just give a call or email and we will be happy to assist.  I hope this information and instructions will be helpful.   
Thanks for being an important part of the Ohio ASA Softball program. 
Contact Info:   State Office
Email     Commissioner Warren Jones   OR   Esther   estherm123@frontier.comCall                               
                                                                                                        419-651-3335                                        419-651-3415           
Find Contact info for your district commissioner at