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Candrea October 2012

posted Jan 4, 2013, 10:31 AM by Venom Ohtwo   [ updated Jan 4, 2013, 10:31 AM ]
 October 23, 2012
Volume II, Issue 32


Coaches, I have always found this time of the year to be energizing and a
great time to focus on self-improvement. Your improvement whether it be
grasping a better understanding of teaching the skills and strategies of the
game, picking up better ways to organize your training sessions - we are
never too old or smart to broaden our knowledge and teaching skills. After
all, your players will be the benefactors of your efforts.

There are many clinics around the country at this time of the year that can
provide you with all the knowledge you are willing to take in! I have always
found that at every clinic I attend, I always pick up better ways of teaching
the same skill, new ways to say the same thing, and new drills that create a
feel for muscle memory. I always feel that boost of energy and excitement for
bringing back to my team something new and refreshing. We all would agree
that we love players that are true students of the game and that opportunity
will only be as good as the information you as the coach can provide.
Teaching is an ongoing process of self-improvement!

For the parents, this is the time for a needed break from hours at the
ballpark during those summer months where you are constantly providing
transportation, financial support, and living each pitch with hopes of
success for your kid. This can also become a time to start planning for the
future, whether it be finding the right organization, thoughts about college,
or providing opportunities for your kid to master the skills of the game. In
any case, this is a time to provide support and encouragement while letting
your kid also be a kid. Too many times in today's athletic arena, kids are
sometimes forced to make full time commitments that often end in burnout and
a loss of passion to play the game as it was meant - For the Love of the

As we look for self-improvement, we must understand that passion will always
be the driving force and balancing the physical, mental, and emotional
demands on athletes must be a win - win for all. Coaches must be ready to
provide a healthy and caring environment, parents must support and encourage
during the process, and athletes must find a passion and love to improve and
enjoy the game!

Until next month,

Coach Candrea