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Candrea Thanksgiving 2012

posted Jan 4, 2013, 10:28 AM by Venom Ohtwo   [ updated Jan 4, 2013, 10:28 AM ]
Below is the Newsletter from Coach Candrea...Happy Thankgsiving!!
On behalf of the Amateur Softball Association, welcome to the November issue of the ACE Coach monthly email from ASA Director of Coaching Education and two-time Olympic Coach Mike Candrea: Candrea on Coaching. As a youth sports coach, you naturally want to prepare your team to win as many games as possible, and as a Responsible Coach, you want to prepare your players to win off the field, too. The Liberty Mutual Responsible Sports program is proud to bring you this series in which Coach Candrea will provide you with coaching tips and resources that you can use for the betterment of your youth softball team.

        November 15, 2012
Volume II, Issue 33


As we enter the month of November, our thoughts begin to focus on that wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends, giving thanks for our freedoms and good health, or even a time to reflect upon our blessings as parents, coaches, and players who are hooked on the great game of softball. It has been a month that has allowed me to celebrate and reflect upon the real reasons we choose to compete and be a part of a team sport. I have had the privilege this month to reunite with our past Alumni that return for homecoming weekend and allow us to bridge the present players in our program with the players that have made history and paved the way for what we have today! We are very blessed to have 60+ former players come back each year to celebrate the friendships, championships, and the pride of representing a great university. This year we had a chance to honor our 1993 NCAA National Championship team as they celebrate their 20 year reunion. Hard to believe those 20 years has gone by but the friendships, stories, and pride is just like it happened yesterday. Being a part of a team is something special that will not be forgotten and will pay dividends down the road in the real world. It is always a highlight to see old friends and teammates reunite and listen to the memories and see the genuine friendship that resulted from being a member of a team.

November has also brought new life to our program as we welcome 5 new players that will join our team in 2013. Yes, the hard work and effort put forth by these young ladies and parents over the years have finally resulted in earning a scholarship and an opportunity to take their skills to a higher level. Along with that will be a greater demand on their physical, mental, and emotional skills as they have earned the right to enjoy the demands of college softball. For these parents, the time, money, and weekends have finally paid off and hopefully their personal growth will continue and enjoy a wonderful college experience. Congrats on mission accomplished!

I was also able to celebrate another couple of weddings this month as two former players will be tying the knot. What a great thrill for a coach to see their former players grow in the real world and celebrate the greatest sacrament of all - marriage. Weddings are also another reunion for teammates as they give us another opportunity to get together, share stories and memories, and celebrate the beginning of another future softball family. As we get older, we realize how often softball is the center of celebrations in life. We always look forward to the next wedding, birthday, or special occasion to celebrate past accomplishments with teammates. These are the real reasons we choose to be a member of a team - memories that will last a lifetime and friendships that become stronger as each year goes by. Special thanks go out to all the players, coaches, and parents that have become a part of the huge web that is created over the years of coaching this great sport. I almost forgot that we have brought some new players into this world as former players are having babies and at the same time we say good bye to many people that have followed the game and supported programs around the country.

As you can see, softball has a huge positive effect on many and we should always take the time to give thanks for our opportunity to play a game that build relationship that last a life time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next month,
 Coach Candrea