Venom Gold is coming soon!!

This program is meant for those high school aged athletes who have committed time and hard work to our program and that we have helped develop into fine college ready student-athletes.  These players will be expected to give back to the program by being positive role models to our younger athletes and help run clinics and camps for our younger age groups.  We will also expect them to fill student positions on staff to contribute to the operations of Venom Fastpitch while providing experience and resume worthy material for future endeavors.  This team will be filled with players that are committed or verbally committed to a college or the player is on the verge of completing those goals.  This team will be coached by me and the coaches who helped get them here and have stayed focused and committed.  The only cost to the player is travel/hotel/food.  This money to pay for tournament fees will be raised through sponsorship and fundraising.  The schedule will consist of 5 tournaments at the PGF or Gold level which will lead us to places such as Oklahoma, Colorado, Illinois and California.  This will prepare them for their college playing careers and will also expose them to college coaches from Major Conferences.